Relax Far Infrared Ray Sauna If you are considering getting another sauna for less money, I can assure you that their technology is primitive compared to the technology of the Infrared Relax Sauna. A paneled sauna using a piece of cloth, and a hotplate is probably only about 25% FIR Light versus the 100% FIR light you get with the...



Oska Pulse is a wearable pain relief device intended to help individuals live an active pain-free lifestyle. The device measures 5.25 inches x 3.5 inches x 1.25 inches (13.3cm x 8.9cm x 3.2cm) in size, and weighs 2.12 ounces (60 grams).

Methyl Factors - Biogenesis - 2 oz


MFG # 90264 UPC # BN1093 Some scientists believe that certain neurological and mental problems are caused in part by a problem with methylation activity. Methylation is the process in which your body transforms one substance into another‚ so that it can be detoxified and removed from your body. If your body’s methylation activity is not up to par‚ you...

Liposomal Vitamin C - Da Vinci - 300 ml


Liposomal C from DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont is a vegetarian liquid vitamin C supplement in liposomal form. Vegetarian, gluten free and soy free. In a liquid liposomal delivery system to support assimilation and bio-availability.* Provides 3 forms of vitamin C. Helps maintain collagen.* Helps the body form red blood cells.* Provides antioxidant protection against free radicals.* Supports the immune system.*...