The BTL EXILIS ULTRA FEMME 360 is the latest in cutting edge laser technology using radio frequency to treat both internally and externally the feminine area for a tightening effect.

This procedure is a great option for women who desire non-surgical improvement of their intimate health. The ULTRA FEMME 360 provides a safe and effective treatment that can work wonders comfortably, with no downtime. Ideal for women suffering from incontinence due to several pregnancies.

BTL EXILIS ULTRA FEMME 360 has the ability of equally achieving a tightening effect, by treating areas such as face and neck, as well as FAT REDUCTION  in different areas of the body like upper back, love handles, back of thighs, breast (for males) inner thighs, saddles bags and arms.

     how long is the treatment? how many do I need?

Intravaginal treatment takes 8 minutes. External treatment is based on your specific needs, and usually takes less than 12 minutes. Your provider will tailor a treatment plan for you. Recommended number of treatment sessions is 3, scheduled one a week.

      is it painful?

While the ULTRA FEMME 360 homogeneously heats the treated area, you will feel a pleasant and comfortable heat. Following the treatment, you may notice mild redness and swelling in the treated area. This usually disappears within a few hours. 

      how fast will a see results?

Patients have reported improvement after a single treatment session. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few months. With no downtime you may resume normal activity immediately after the treatment. 

      does it treat any other areas?

YES!  BTL EXILIS ULTRA 360 has 2 different applicators or heads, to allow for non invasive FAT REDUCTION in abdomen and other areas of the body such as upper back, love handles, back of thighs, breast (for males) inner thighs saddles bags and arms, as well as SKIN TIGHTENING in the neck and face.